Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Dead Freddie

I was with my wife in the BBC staff canteen and we were both very hungry. I sent my wife to get us some food as I was watching a woman who was constructing a life size replica of the great Pyramid in Egypt.
She had been building it for twenty years but it was only about two foot high. Thinking that I could do better I started to build my own pyramid next to hers.
My wife returned and pointed out that my construction didn't have any cement holding it together.
I then noticed that she was empty handed, I asked where our food was and she said that she came back because Freddie Mercury was in the canteen.
I said that she should have got his autograph but I just wasn't getting the fact that she was freaked out that Freddie died years ago and was now eating at the BBC canteen.

Staying with the food theme, I was standing in line waiting to order a sandwich. I had decided to have a chicken baguette with mayo on white. Thinking to myself that I would also have the chicken heated I noticed the boy in front of me had tight permed hair that was jet black.
I smiled to myself as it did look stupid, just as I was pushed in the back from the man behind me.
I angrily looked around and saw that he had a tight perm also but his was bright ginger. I openly laughed at him and pointed at his hair. He was not happy.

Just before waking this morning I could see a huge wooden boat on wheels racing across a field.

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