Monday, 29 April 2013

Cut throat electric razor

My night began with me riding an old style bicycle that had a wicker basket on the front. I pulled up outside what used to be the sweet shop from when I was a child.
I ran in and shouted, "I need some string". The female assistant pointed to a display that contained various small plastic bags with tiny amounts of string in them. I explained I wanted a long length of it but the best I could find was a pair of knitted mittens that were held together by a length of string.
I paid £1 for them and placed my purchase in the bicycles basket.

I was next in a bathroom about to have a shave when a woman hastily knocked on the door stating that she desperately needed the toilet. I opened the door and she rushed past me and pushed me out.
Finding myself in a kitchen I found a small hand washing sink with a mirror above it and decided I could shave there and use an electric razor.
I switched on the razor and as it touched my neck it cut me and a spray of blood erupted out and up in all directions.
I was coveted in blood, it was on the mirror, splashes filled the sink and it had even hit the ceiling such was the velocity of the pumping blood.

I was attempting to clean it up before anyone noticed but my efforts just spread the mess rather than clear it and lots of people suddenly started to enter the room.
A man holding a small child attempted to look into the mirror but were greeted by a blood red reflection. It was at this point I decided it was best to leave.

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