Monday, 15 April 2013

Corpse in the tub

I was in a swimming pool but the only way into the water was down a circular tunnel the size of a man hole cover.
It was about a six foot drop from the opening to the pool.
Above me leaning into the hole was actor Keith Allen, father of singer Lilly. He was lowering what I initially thought were midgets down to me but when I took hold of the first one, it turned out to be people with no arms or legs.
Keith looked down at me as I took the first torso and smiled as if he recognised me.

I was next staying in a bed and breakfast and wanted to take a bath. I went into the bathroom but the tub was filled with old towels and dirty clothing.
Unhappy at this I began to remove the items until I reached the bottom where I found a decaying body. The smell was horrible and the body was blackened and in an advanced state of decomposition.

I went to complain to the owner but couldn't find anyone. Returning to the bathroom I found my work supervisor Mike and colleague Baz in the room.
The bath, sink and entire room were spotlessly clean and gleamed in a pleasant fragrant white shine.
Mike apologised for the corpse and said that they had taken care of it and left. The room.

Instead of enjoying my bath, I spent hours cutting out Disney characters from a magazine and glueing them to the wall tiles.

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