Wednesday, 3 April 2013

All must die

I began by finding myself in a Homebase store down an isle with a hacksaw in my hand.
I'd picked several long stemmed wine glasses from the display and had laid them on the floor. I then proceeded to carefully cut the stems from the glasses.
I then saw my good friend and work colleague Martin who rightly inquired into what I was doing.
I explained that I only wanted glasses without stems and he seemed happy with this explanation and even suggested that I cut them on a work surface for better grip.

As I carefully cut through the glass Martin told me about his previous days work where he was knocked out by someone and when he came round everyone criticised him for killing four innocent people in revenge.
Martin calmly told me that until he found the person responsible a lot more people would die. I believed him.

I was next a spectator in a motorbike race through the streets of London. There was a representative for London wearing a number 2 on his back.
It was raining and lots of riders were falling off on the bends. As the race drew to a climax, everyone was suddenly riding push bikes and number 2 was in second place and about to lose.

Just as the final two riders approached the finish line, The Lord Mayor for London, Boris Johnson cycled across the front of the race and raised his arms as if yawning and in a deliberate act, accidentally knocked the front runner off his bike.
Number 2 raced by and over the finish line to huge cheers from the home crowd.

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