Saturday, 27 April 2013

Action man & fake ID

To start with I was staying at a hotel and was trying to locate my room as I wanted to take a shower.
I opened the door to a room and entered to find my work colleague Gav laying naked on top of one of the beds. He said to me, "Alright pet", I greeted him with a wave and then noticed that he didn't have any genitals. His groin area was totally smooth just like an Action Man figure.

I then walked out and entered another room which was mine as I saw my suitcase open on the floor.
I stood on the bed and drew a shower curtain completely around it and took my clothes off to reveal that I was wearing ladies underwear.
Water started to fall from the ceiling and I washed still wearing the undies.
I opened the shower curtain to find my wife standing in the room. I looked down in horror at myself and discovered that I was no longer in the ladies underwear. But she gave me a suspicious look.

I was lastly with my wife in the street along with a young female who was saying she was a friend of ours but I didn't recognise her.
My wife asked to see her passport and when she produced it from her bag, another passport fell out too. Upon checking both documents, they were in different names but had the females photo on them.
A further search of her bag found seven IDs from various countries all with her photo on them.

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