Tuesday, 9 April 2013

1940's time travel

Sometimes it's as if I'm actually watching a movie and my dreams play out before me.
Last night it started off as such with it being 1944 and there was a crashed car at the side of the road. It was pouring with rain and the road was mud, made worse by the torrent downpour.
Underneath the wheels of the car were two dead teenage children and two younger ones standing by crying.
One, a girl placed a mental hairband to the front of of head pushing back her blonde hair. She started to walk away with tears streaming down her face.
The boy with her started to follow and it was at this point that I turned into that boy.

As I walked in the pouring rain getting soaked and slashed with mud, I moved further through time until I reached the 1970's. I saw my old school but struggled to remember its name. It faded away and eventually vanished as I walked past it and into the year 2000.

I then noticed I was in a park and a brightly coloured parrot was flying around my head. I called it and it landed on my outstretched arm.
It was very tame and I was walking along trying to work out a way to prevent it from flying off. The parrot was happy and made no attempt to leave.

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