Thursday, 7 March 2013

Victor Bravo

I was walking along a street when a Ford Anglia Police car stopped along side me.
On the door was a crest with the words 'Victor Bravo' under it. The driver was female and she lent over to talk to me.
I noticed that she was British Actress Sarah Alexander dressed as a police officer.
She asked me to help her on a very important mission and being keen to assist I said that I was happy to do anything she wanted.
She asked me to search for a large quantity of missing fresh fish and bring them back to her. My enthusiasm vanished totally at this as I hate the smell of fish and can't be anywhere near them. I walked away.

I was next in my Nan's old house and the carpet was made of mud. It was dry and dusty and I started to draw shapes into it and make faces.
This amused me for ages until I looked up and realised I was outside and saw the Ford Anglia pull up along side me again.
Sarah again looked over at me expectantly but I just turned away from her and left.

As I woke this morning I was saying out loud that I wasn't going out any more. I can recall having come back in from being out at work and I had an hour till my finish time, but I had decided not to do any more work.

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