Thursday, 28 March 2013

The raspberry committee

A mixed bag of events from last night. I was watching TV of a European Parliament meeting and the huge room of seats was empty apart from about ten people. They had all spread themselves so far apart it was hard to spot anyone.
Chairing the meeting was former politician Michael Heseltine, who upon seeing the dismal turnout, got up and walked out.

I was next in a huge mansion that my dad owned, he had rented one of the rooms out to a group of people.
We both went into the room to see what the group did. We were informed by their leader that they were a raspberry blowing committee and they met every month.
They then all started blowing raspberries to the tune of 'Like a virgin' by Madonna.

Lastly I had been given the simple task to hand deliver a newspaper in a brown envelope and a leaflet to two houses in the same street. In my car I turned into the street and a black man and woman walked out in front if me, causing me to swerve to avoid hitting them. I shouted abuse at them and then drove on.

Out of my car I looked at the numbers I had to post the items and located the first house. When I double checked the number written on the envelope, it had changed.
Every time I went to the number written it changed when I got there! In the end I just posted the items all in one house and left mumbling to myself.

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