Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The longest journey

It was a dark night and I'd left work for home on my push bike. Fully aware that this was a dream because that's something I'd never do.
I was peddling hard and fast but moving at a snails pace, as if I was in first gear but I wasn't.
I must have been riding for about an hour but only covered about 5 feet of road. I looked to my left and saw the frame of another bike but it was brand new and complete with fancy brakes but no wheels. I decided I'd take it as spares for my bike and scooped it up with my left hand.

I continued cycling at the same slow pace getting absolutely nowhere and went on like this for what seemed all night.
People were walking along the street faster than I was moving!

Just prior to waking I seemed to have lost my bike and had entered a jewellery shop. There was a car parked in the middle of the shop with four men sat in the back. On one of the displays I noticed a necklace that had a large diamond pendant that was in the shape of a cream slice.

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