Friday, 8 March 2013

Synchronised swimming dog team

I was following behind Lorraine from work as she ran with her pack of Doberman dogs. They were a canine synchronised display team and Lorraine trained them.
They ran and jumped in perfect timing until they all jumped into a swimming pool and one of them swam off in the wrong direction.
I jumped in and swam behind it as Lorraine and the rest of the pack got out and ran off.

I then walked into a supermarket and saw my old boss from when I worked in one many years ago. He was in his office talking to a sales rep who had given him a disposable lighter with the reps face on it.
Very impressed with his new gift they started to talk figures and I got bored and walked onto the shop floor. In the middle of the shop was a swimming pool. I jumped in and sank to the bottom then looked up and could see a bright light.

My normal reaction to being in water would be to totally panic as I have a fear of drowning. However I felt calm and happy and slowly swam up towards the light, I didn't reach the light as I woke up needing a wee.

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