Monday, 18 March 2013

Steam train acid bath

I was a steam train driver last night, heading through the countryside towards home. When I pulled the locomotive into the station I was intrigued to see both platforms lined with soldiers and well dressed people.
As I disembarked I looked back at the trains carriages, one of which was totally encased in mud. I heard someone say that Ryan from work was responsible for it and had been arrested.

A brass band started up and some somber music played as everyone started to proceed up a hill with heads down.
I heard someone say my name and that I would be missed, it was then that I realised I was at my own memorial service.
Reaching the top of the hill I saw a girl of about 10 sitting in the back of a van with its doors open. She was selling DVDs and I approached her and told her I would adopt her. She hugged me and smiled.

In contrast I was next walking to my fish n chip shop along with my younger brother who was mentally challenged and fictional character Alf Garnet.
Alf was a bigoted old racist from East London played by actor Warren Mitchell.
As it was night time my shop was shut and the three of us entered and my brother closed the door but turned the sign around to say open.

I saw a queue of people outside and tried to say I was closed but then noticed the sign and Alf and myself looked angrily at my brother.
As punishment for turning the sign we killed him and placed him into a metal tub and poured acid over him. As the acid started to corrode his body his eyes opened and he asked what we were doing.
I told him not to worry and pushed his head under the liquid and watched him dissolve.

I woke up at some point during the night having had someone kick me in my shin. I was in agony and shouting out loud much to the dismay of my wife.
After some vigorous shaking and putting the light on, I appeared to be fine and my leg didn't hurt? Odd.

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