Sunday, 10 March 2013

See through toilets & cupcakes

I was as ever in my mums house along with my wife and I went to use the toilet only to find that the door had been removed.
In its place was a sliding glass panel that when closed, the toilet was clearly visible from outside. I explained to my wife how unhappy I was at this but she insisted that no one would be watching. Still not convinced I looked in the room and found that there were two toilet brushes.
I removed one and placed it in the cupboard under the stairs but when I opened the door to the cupboard, our ginger cat, Bear was draped over the top of the door asleep.

In total contrast I was next visiting my osteopath and limped into his office complaining of a back ache.
For some reason I was wearing a fur lined hooded coat and knitted scarf. I sat down and removed my scarf and my osteopath handed me a banana skin and held out a bar code scanner as if it was a microphone.
He started talking but due to my fury hood I couldn't hear what he was saying. I removed my hood just as three women walked in the room holding a tray of cupcakes.
As they offered me the tray, I heard my osteopath say, "So when did you receive your head injury?"

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