Monday, 25 March 2013

Roll with it

I started my dream by walking along a street of an unknown city with my wife.  I was holding a welding torch that was connected to a rubber hose, as we walked the hose extended with us.
We must have covered a few miles & the hose just kept extending along with us until I was jerked back as the hose stopped coming.  I simply unscrewed the welding torch & we carried on until reaching a bridge over a road.  I lit the torch & to my surprise a blue flame shot out the end of it.

It's funny how my brain informs me that I need the toilet when I am asleep in the form of a visual image.  I  had walked into a house & someone was asleep on the sofa, creeping past them I walked upstairs into the toilet & lifted the lid in the dark.
Just as I was about to go when the light came on in a flash & as I spun around there was a bed in the room with Anne from work sitting up in horror.  She asked me what I was doing in her house & then stated that she had turned the water off so the toilet didn't work anyway.
I was highly embarrassed & started to leave the room, not before noticing that Anne was wearing an old style full length dressing gown & had rollers in her hair.

Finally having woken for real & gone to the toilet, I found myself on a small boat at sea, this is after going back to sleep that is, I don't have a boat at home.  There was no one else on board & I woke up & walked to the front of the vessel & discovered that there was a very small swimming pool.  I dived in & swam about feeling very refreshed.  I then noticed three white highland terriers were trying to get out of the pool.  I swam over & one by one I lifted them out of the water.

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