Wednesday, 20 March 2013

River dog

Rather disturbingly I woke up singing, 'Take that look off your face', this morning. With the 1980 hit from Marti Webb still lodged firmly in my head now, it looks like I'm stuck with it for the day!

The visual part of my dream involved myself and my wife taking a walk to the end of our garden. The grass had been replaced by a river that flowed off into the distance. We had our Jack Russell with us and he decided to jump in and start swimming.
My wife worried about him instructed me to jump in which I did, but it was only ankle deep.
I walked as our dog swam back towards the house and as I watched him jump out I plunged up to my neck in water!

I pulled myself out of the rather green looking water and all of my clothes had vanished. I glanced back at the garden and in the middle of the river was a rotary clothes dryer.

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