Sunday, 31 March 2013

Soap opera jet ski

Anyone unfamiliar with the British soap opera Eastenders, it's just the same as any other from around the world. A bleak portrayal of life with the characters having the worst run of luck known to man, in between sleeping with each other.

It's in this background that I enter the world of Bianca Jackson a fiery red head played by actress Patsy Palmer. She has a string of children and I inform her that she must come with me to the city of York.
Our mode of transport are jet skis but I tow Bianca who in turn tows two of her children each on a jet ski.
Upon our arrival I inform Bianca that I am taking her children into care. She then begins to shout at the top of her voice, "Ricky, Ricky!"

A usual visual display of my need for the toilet next as I dream I am urinating into a bath of water. I actually felt relieved that I'd been for a wee and woke panicked that I'd wet the bed. Thankfully I hadn't.

Lastly I was travelling along a winding road up a hill in the Scottish highlands. In my mind I had to get to wherever I was going to reach my dad, I knew he was not far but with each bend I took me seemed to be just out of my view and I couldn't catch up with him.

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