Saturday, 9 March 2013

Poet pest

I was walking through the Essex town of Barking, I was alone and it was a nice sunny day.
As I strolled up the hill towards the tube station an odd looking man approached me. He pronounced himself as the people's poet and proceeded to reel off rhymes at me. He was incredibly annoying and I tried to turn away from him but every time I changed direction he followed me still rhyming.

I very bluntly told him to go away by swearing at him but he still wouldn't leave me alone. I walked through a bus shelter full of people and when he followed me he latched onto someone else and I made good my escape.

I was next driving through Leicester around the ring round with my younger sister as a passenger. She was a child and I was an adult.
On the other carriageway we watched as a black car spun out of control and rolled several times. We got out along with other drivers and ran over to help.
The driver of the car was out when we got there and was very aggressive towards everyone. As he was clearly ok we walked back towards my car.
As we approached where I'd left it, I said to my sister, "Did you leave your door open?" The car was gone!

Just before I went to bed last night I broke the plastic swing door from the cats litter tray and couldn't find the superglue to fix it so I left it.
In the final part of my dream I was in a white van parked in a street and had instructions to paint the van.
I only had a tiny brush so it was going to take me ages.
I searched through my tool tray to find a bigger one and found a tube of superglue. I said to myself, "Ah I need that for the cats door".

This morning I found the glue in my tool tray too!

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