Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Pies, pizzas & clocks

I vaguely recall my wife waking me at some point during the night to inform me I was chattering away in my sleep.
I had gone to my car and removed four meat pies, placing them onto a tray I then entered a school cookery classroom at exactly 5.50pm. I was amazed to find the class full of primary kids having a lesson.
I placed my tray onto the side and waited for an oven to be available.
Unfortunately another teacher arrived with a huge tray of frozen chips and pizza for the children to cook. She was wearing a bright red knitted jumper.

I then found myself in my mums living room and I was attempting to hang up a clock on the wall but it needed wiring up to the mains.
My mum and dad were watching me and the wall was bare brick, there were wires hanging from the wall and a raised area of the bricks that resembled a mans face.

My dad told me he was going upstairs to dress and my mum watched as I pulled at the wires. As I did so I was given an electric shock as the wires were live and I shouted in pain.
My mum calmly got up and informed me that she had purchased an air conditioning unit for me. She then left the room with me still holding the live wires.

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