Friday, 29 March 2013

Northern prejudice

I was in a bus shelter that was a dome shape and completely covered but open at either end.
Whilst in the shelter I, along with several others were helping to clean it up from graffiti and posters that were almost covering the interior.

While I'm working hard a very smug looking man enters and refuses to help as he says that he has adopted a child which is far more worthy than cleaning.
An official looking person informs the man that the child is from Barnsley and is a blind Dwarf.
The man states that won't except the child as it is from up north!

Next I'm visiting a work colleague called Lorna in prison. She is due out in two weeks and is very excited to see me.
Annoyed by her bouncy behaviour I plant some cannabis in her pocket when I hug her goodbye and whilst waving at the door I inform the guard that she has drugs.
I smile at her knowing that she will get extra jail time when they find the drugs.

I was lastly in work with my wife and we were sitting for the morning briefing with one of our bosses, Rob taking the meeting.
Rob started to talk but when he was taking deep breaths and then exhaled, he made a small groaning sound. I couldn't understand what he was saying so I asked my wife for the car keys and left the room.
On the way out I bumped into another Rob who used to work for us but left a while back.
I asked him how he was but he too made the exact same sound as the boss had.
Confused I left him and continued out of the building.
At this point I woke to the gentle sound of my wife's delicate snore. The same sound the two Robs had been making.

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