Monday, 11 March 2013

My baby doll

Last night I was going to work with my dad and my friend and work colleague Suki. Entering Becontree underground station I went to the ticket booth and my dad went to the one next to me.
I was asked which weekly ticket I wanted so I said an all zones one but my dad winked at me and said just one for London Bridge, knowing full well we were going further.

Down on the platform and we walked a few feet and there was a huge brick wall from track to ceiling. A train came in at speed and had to slam it's brakes on knocking all the passengers over on board.
My dad sent Suki off to sort out a bus as there were clearly going to be no trains to get us to work. As he left a huge crane on four legs that was operated by a man sat on top of it walked over the platform. It was like a giant mechanical spider.

Outside in the street I was holding a child's baby doll under my arm as Suki arrived driving a minibus. I got in and noticed that Suki also had a baby doll under his arm. My dad had been replaced by my mum and we drove to her house where we entered still carrying our dolls.

I went under the stairs in the hallway and started to urinate up the wall.
I awoke at this point needing the toilet.

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