Thursday, 14 March 2013

Multi purpose tool

To start the night off I was watching three Chinese men dressed in grey suits & white shirts that were open at the neck.  They had filmed a trailer for a martial arts movie & required funding to make the film.  A female onlooker who I assumed was from a film company informed them that she wasn’t going to support their project.  They did not look happy.

I don’t normally write about my sexual dreams but this was a little odd in that I had had intercourse with a female that lived across the road from me but I didn’t know who she was.  After, being the gentleman that I am, I offered to walk her across the road back to her house. 
It was dark & still completely naked I used my penis as a torch & shone a light from the end of it to see the way to her house.  Upon reaching the front door of the woman’s house she asked me if we were now dating.  I just looked at her & said, “I’ll call you some time”.

Lastly I was asked to babysit for my aunt & Uncle Joan & Ron.  Arriving in my wife’s car I look for a parking space but then the car vanished as I was sat in it.  Knocking on the door my Aunt Joan opens it & is pleasantly surprised to see me.  She tells me to go into the living room as they are still getting ready.  Once in the living room I see there is a carrier bag on the table that is full of my favourite fruit cake.

Joan comes in & takes the bag with her saying it is for the party they are going to, I am very upset at this & ask her who I am babysitting.  She points at the sofa & sat there is my own dog sadly staring back at me with his ears drooped & a look on his face that says he’d rather not be there.

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