Saturday, 23 March 2013

Most tedious

A slightly disturbing start to my nights dreams. I was sat in my old childhood bedroom looking at myself in the mirror.
I opened my mouth and could see a small crusty scab on my upper gum. I picked it off and to my horror the entire inside of my mouth came away in my hand as a huge scab. I was left with it in my hand staring back at my reflection not knowing what to do.

I was next in a Chinese restaurant with my wife and good friend Timmy. We had been waiting for ages for our food and Timmy asked the waitress how much longer it would be. She explained that it would be twenty minutes so he had time to go outside for a cigarette. Despite him not smoking Timmy popped outside, the second he did this the food arrived.

Walking back in Timmy is furious and sits down with a pen and notepad to write a strongly worded letter of compliant.
He speaks out loud as he is writing and says, "This is the most tedious experience known to man".
Whilst he is saying this my wife and I are eating our food as Timmy's goes cold.

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