Sunday, 17 March 2013

Happy shopper

I was in a supermarket, more of a small friendly local shop than one of the huge retail park giants.
A very old lady who lived in the house next to the shop came in but was very unsteady on her feet.
In an attempt to help the lady I gave her a mobility scooter and attached a bar code scanner to the handlebar.
She was then able to cruise around the shop to the sound of the bleeps of her scanning her own shopping.
She then left the store without paying!

I was next in an old school and it was on fire. No one seemed overly concerned by this and I walked around observing the flames.
I was then approached by two people I went to school with back in the 1970's. I can only remember their names as Keith and Maria. They both told me to get out of the building.

I was aware that I was still in the school but couldn't see as I was being held down by something heavy. After a while I realised it was my dads sister and she was talking to me. I started to feel trapped and panicky that I couldn't move.
She told me that if I moved she would die.
I started to push her from me and suddenly woke up.

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