Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Giant fish come out to play

I was first off in the house of my mums next door neighbour from when I was younger.
Sitting with the family in the living room I could her the sound of an elephant, the noise it makes when blowing through its trunk. I told everyone that I was going to go to Rays house two doors up to see if his pet fish was coming out to play.

I approached Rays front door and as it was open I walked in. Ray was next to a large fish tank and was holding a massive fish in his arms and stroking it like a cat. It must of been about 4 feet long.
I made the decision that maybe it was too large to come out and play and left.

I was next at work in a large assembly hall and Malc one of our bosses was at the front addressing us.
He told us all to log onto the company web site and everyone seemed to have i pads except me. I peered over the shoulder of my wife at hers. Malc gave us an address and said that the first person to get there could go home early.
The result was that both myself and Shaz worked together to block the path of everyone else and we promptly arrived at the house first.

Once in the house Shaz opened an upstairs door and we entered to find several half naked Polish men and women.
One of the men fell off the end of a bed and we both laughed at him. Another man became very angry at this and rushed at me waving a metal stick. I pushed him in the chest and he fell to the floor and Shaz set about jumping on his chest.

I woke at this point so not sure of the outcome, but we seemed to be doing ok.

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