Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Cruise ship coke

I started off by being sat in my old maroon coloured Ford Fiesta with my dearly departed nan in the passenger seat.
We were around the corner from my mums house when both my mum and dad, who is also no longer with us, walked past us in the street. My nan shouted out my mums name but she didn't hear her but my dad turned round and smiled at us.
I arrived at the front door to my mums house and I was extremely thirsty.
I walked into the house and it was the interior of a cruise ship with extravagant cabaret acts and flashing lights. I saw a tall glass of coke on the table and started to drink it. It was amazing and I couldn't stop drinking it until it had all gone.
I woke up and took a drink from my bedside table.

Next I was in my back garden with my wife who was making herself beans on toast. I had a Robin and another small bird that I carefully picked up and placed into the guttering.
As I did this my wife sat at the garden table with her meal. Gav from work arrived then just as I removed a note from my pocket that was written by my mother in law.
I handed it to Gav, who asked me if I'd read it. I lied and said that I had. He then started to read the note but due to his accent I couldn't understand him.
I looked at my wife who was tucking into her beans on toast and she just shrugged her shoulders.

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