Friday, 15 March 2013

Crazy horses

Slight theme for last night with horses. Starting off I was attempting to gather two in from a large paddock with the help of my friend Martin and a second appearance this week of Lorraine.
Martin expertly rode one horse from the middle of the paddock and into the stables as if he was a pro rider. Lorraine on the other hand was hugging the animals neck in fear as it galloped in circles around the field.

Next I was at work and was paired up to work with Danny. We hadn't worked together before and got into a van to set off for our shift. Danny was driving and before leaving he paired his phone up to the screen on the dashboard.
The screen showed an advert for the Tesco stores with some music and I looked at Danny who had turned into another work colleague called Tom. Tom has a striking resemblance to DJ Norman Cook and was waving one arm as if spinning a record whilst holding the other other his ear. I smiled.

Lastly back to horses and I rode a grey pony into an electrical shop to look for a new phone cover. After not being able to find one I left and arrived at my parents house. My dad greeted me asked me if I had any money. I appeared to be wearing a suit and I put my hand into the inside pocket of the jacket and removed my wallet.
I took out a wad of cash that was held together by a screw. Laughing my dad said to keep it as it would come in handy one day.
I then got out my phone and pushed a button that released a screwdriver attachment from the bottom of it. We both laughed out loud.

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