Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Cheque please!

I was on a sandy beach, it was sunny and warm and there were a lot of people enjoying the day.
I found an oversized tennis ball and threw it at a man about 50 feet away from me. It hit him on the arm and he in turn threw it back at me but when I caught it, the ball spilt into two equal halves.

I then arranged a group game of throwing the half balls with hundreds of people in a line playing catch.
After a while I moved the fun inside a pub and decided to arrange a game of darts at £2 a head, one dart each, highest number wins the cash.
The darts didn't have any flights on them and no one could get one to stick in the board except me, I scored 9.
I was about to claim my prize when the lights went off and very loud music started to play. Over a megaphone someone shouted, "And now the World darts champion Liz Jarvis".

I turned to look and a female dressed in a louder shirt than the announcement entered the room.
I woke at this point, or so I thought. My wife asked me if I wanted cash or a cheque. I replied, "Cheque please".

I put the name Liz Jarvis into Google and she is a travel journalist. I wonder if she plays darts?

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