Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Bruce & the giant shed shark

I'd turned up outside a shop in a white van and expecting to collect something I waited with the rear doors of the van open.
Then I saw veteran entertainer Bruce Forsyth dressed in a tuxedo leading out a man in handcuffs. He was mumbling to the man the way in which he does on TV at times when he forgets his lines.
Bruce went to place the man into the van when we noticed an empty glass and a bowl of potato chips with a garlic dip on the floor of the vehicle.
Bruce looked at me and said, "Get them out you fool!" Then looked around for a cheap laugh.

I was next helping at my neighbours with their gardener Trish. Trish was very grateful for my assistance and asked me to go into the shed and collect some orange juice for us.
I stepped into the wooden building and it was the inside of a boat. Suddenly the roof flew off and a giant shark leaped into the air teeth showing towards me, landing with a thud on the deck in front of me.
Not wishing to wait around I ran from the shed back into the garden where Trish was arranging the daily newspapers on a bench.
She looked and asked, "Where's the orange juice?"

I woke this morning with the 1976 hit, 'You can go your own way', from fleetwood Mac in my head.

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