Saturday, 2 March 2013

Big snake

I was with someone that I didn't recognise but appeared to know him.
We were in a street and looking for a snake for some reason. The double yellow parking lines at the curb side of the road seemed very uneven and were about 8 feet long.
I peeled up one end of the painted lines and it started to pull away from the Tarmac. As I pulled it off the road it turned into an enormous snake.
Struggling with the massive reptile we quickly bundled it into a shop door, securing it shut.
I wrote on the door in felt pen, 'Big snake and I mean big!'

I was then standing in a mini crazy golf course along with Jamie from work. There was music playing and as Jamie was smashing golf balls as hard as he could, I was bouncing large red balloons into the air until one of them burst.

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