Saturday, 16 March 2013

Alien death game

Beginning at work with a team briefing and a supervisor called Goldie is leading the meeting. Half way through a very loud and drunk Neil staggers in.
Goldie is most put out by this and decides to use a breathalyser on Neil who subsequently fails the test. Goldie then tells him he is going to be arrested and sacked from his job.

Still at work I was on the top floor of a three storey building but didn't recognise it. I started to walk down the stairs but there were lots of people in the way. All the people and stairs were totally covered in ice cream. I carefully stepped around the mess, made all the more difficult as I had only socks on my feet.
As I reached the bottom floor I had managed to acquire myself a 99 cornet with multi coloured sprinkles and strawberry sauce.

Lastly I was in a room that had an area in the corner of the floor in a glass square. Within the square of glass were several very small figures the size of toy soldiers but they were aliens.
I had a handful of tiny bombs that I twisted to activate on a timer. Once activated they flashed blue. I then set about throwing them into the square and attempted to blow up the aliens.

Some of the aliens started throwing the bombs back at me and we had a game of explosive tennis until all the aliens were finally knocked over by the blast of the bombs.

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