Saturday, 2 February 2013

Suicide bomber & cannabis fish

I was sat in a chair with a small table to my side. On that table were two unopened bottles of Whiskey. I was really thirsty and these were the only options for me to quench that thirst.
I sat for what seemed like hours staring at the bottles, knowing I don't drink alcohol but was so in need of a drink.
Eventually I woke up and took a sip of my fruit juice on the bedside table.

I was next in an office building at work and was wearing an Second World War style leather RAF flying hat, complete with goggles. Strapped to the top of it was an amount of explosives and hanging from a cord in front of my eyes was a button to detonate the bomb.

I informed my colleagues that I was off to find somewhere to explode.
Walking through a corridor I looked for a toilet, as I strolled I hit a Christmas tree, knocking it to the floor and almost detonating my explosive hat in the process.

Finally I was with my wife in a large garden and I'd built a pond and stocked it with black goldfish.
My wife was feeding the fish food from a plastic tub, when I asked her what was in the tub she showed me that it was full of cannabis seeds.
She then informed me that it was time for the fish to go to bed and she poured a kettle of boiling water in the pond to keep them warm over night!

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