Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Shakin Stevens & Ninja Turtles

I had arrived at my mums house, which is a recurring theme for my dreams.
On the way there the road ahead was flooded so I had to cross to the other side. I stepped into what I thought was a shallow puddle and plunged under water.
I was floating total submerged in water and appeared to be able to breath.
Every now again a cartoon Ninja turtle floated past me having drowned which struck me as odd.

Arriving at mums house I found my neighbours there. I had their silver plate and a pair of ginger eyebrows that I was returning to them after having them valued. They seemed happy at the price I had acquired for the items.

I left my mums house and could see 80's pop star Shakin Stevens in the street.
Skakey, as he is affectionately known was moon walking and singing at the same time.
He's still got it!

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