Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Send in the dogs

Firstly when I thought I was making notes during the night, I wasn't! As there is nothing this morning although I have a clear memory of writing them.
I was in a small room along with an unknown elderly man and actor Robert Carlyle.
There had been some kind of fight as the old man had a bread knife sticking out of his eye, but with the handle inside his head with the blade protruding out.

Robert was laying dead on the floor and the old man was acting normal despite his obvious facial attachment.
Robert being the superb actor that he is had fooled us by pretending to be dead and suddenly jumped up and started to strangle me.
My gargled shouts were heard from outside as a police dog was sent in to help me. A black Alsatian pulled Robert to the floor and pinned him down followed by a Jack Russell that leaped into the bigger dogs back and started barking at Robert.

I was next in the seaside town of Skegness in Lincolnshire. In my old flat there I was with my wife and neighbour Janice. Janice had made us breakfast and we were about to eat when we noticed that my wife had vanished. The telephone rang and it was my younger sister, I asked her if she had seen my wife and she said that she was with her in Eastbourne.

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