Saturday, 16 February 2013

Red box

I was initially travelling to New York with my wife and we were queuing to get onto the plane.
As we entered from the steps we were in a cinema. We were ushered to the very front seats but noticed there was no screen just a wall.

Next I was in a restaurants kitchen preparing food. There was a guy who was my brother, which is odd as I don't have one. We started to argue and ended up face to face and shouting. It was at this point I saw that he was Pipi from work.
I left the kitchen confused.

Finally along with my wife again, we were in a post office and she wanted to post an empty box somewhere. Thinking it would be free as it was empty she was a little upset when she was charged £11.99 for postage and packing! She paid for it on a credit card.

Leaving the post office we went into the local shop where the shop keeper showed us lots of different boxes that she said we could have had for free.
I could see my wife was annoyed at this so I squeezed myself into a red storage box and started to drive it.

Both shopkeeper and wife looked on in bemusement as I set off down the street gliding across the floor in my red box.

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