Monday, 4 February 2013

Pink Floyd live at the village hall

I was in my local village hall with my dad, it's always good to see him and he was looking great.
The lights dimmed and onto the stage walked the Legends that are Pink Floyd. They kicked off with 'Wish you were here' and the tiny assembled crowd went mad.
My dad was jumping in the air waving his arms and singing, it was just amazing.

I was next speaking with a man I didn't recognise but appeared to know. We were in a large room and I referred to him as Professor. I informed him that for reasons unknown the police were coming to arrest him.
With this the Professor announced that he would transport himself 20 years into the future to avoid arrest. Without explanation he vanished before my eyes.

I was finally in hospital where I had my arm bandaged up. I kept transporting from the hospital onto a beech and then into a very untidy house.
On the beech I saw my younger sister with a man that looked like Dame Edna Everage. He had on an elaborate pair of glasses that were actually an i pod with headphones.

I was then in the house and I was walking around it having trouble breathing as I couldn't cope with the mess and was very stressed. My wife appeared, comforted me and got my breathing under control. I removed the over tight bandage and found there was nothing wrong with my arm.

I then proceeded to tell Scotty from work about dreaming of Pink Floyd as if I was awake.

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