Sunday, 10 February 2013

Overtime cheat

A very welcome visit from my dearly departed Dad and Nan last night.
Firstly I was sitting in my mums living room watching TV with my dad, something we both used to enjoy greatly.
My dad decided he wanted to go to bed and rather sweetly my dog curled up in his bed at his feet and both slept soundly.

I was next at work and had been trusted to submit everyone's overtime sheets. I went through all of them and deducted a few hours off of each person, adding them onto my own.
Then I started to go through all the cupboards and draws in search of things to steal and sell on for profit.
I walked through the rear car park and saw Mark who is affectionately known as the Vicar, in a bright red shirt and commented to him how nice it looked in a slightly sarcastic tone.

Lastly I was at my Nan's house, she was sitting at a table playing Monopoly with a fat lad that I didn't know. The fat boy was trying to find some money to play with and so I gave him a handful of coins.

I then looked out of the window and the sun was reflecting in such a way that it created a hole in the clear blue sky. I called out for them to have a look and my nan and my wife appeared. Both my wife and myself then started to point out to each other faces in the clouds.
The fat lad remained at the table drinking a cup of tea.

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