Monday, 25 February 2013

Not just any speakers....

I had entered a Marks and Spencer store carrying a set of stereo speakers.
I was fairly surprised to find that my cousin Dawn was behind the customer service desk.

I explained to Dawn that the speakers didn't work and I wanted an exchange which she wouldn't normally agree to but as I was family she obliged.
Outside the shop I saw my wife and we both stood next to a tree.

I lit a cigarette and as we stood chatting I noticed a few miniature sticks of dynamite strapped to the tree. They were no bigger than a matchstick.
I started to blow smoke onto them and started laughing. My wife wasn't so happy and ran off fearing they would explode.

Lastly I was walking out of the drive to my house and the wheelie bins were in the way. I went to move them and notice that on top of one bin was a box of cakes and a box containing two tea mugs.
I decided as no one was around I'd take them and proceeded to push a cake into my mouth.

This coincided with my neighbours walking out of the drive and giving me a look of horror that I was eating the cakes they had thrown out!

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