Thursday, 28 February 2013

Mind control & blood river

A real mixed bag of events last night, starting off with me looking down at a clear glasses walled room that contained another me.
I was a prisoner of this see through box and there appeared no escape. That was until as the onlooker I was able to shoot red laser beams from my eyes and open a door, thus aiding my escape.

I next entered my mums house walking past a group of people who were collecting for charity, I engaged them in polite conversation to avoid giving them any money.
Inside the house were both my parents and my younger sister and a big white dog. My mum called out, "Ben", my old Lurcher came happily wagging his tail and jumped up at me.

I next found myself walking over a bridge across a river, the river was flooded and lapping at my feet as I crossed over the bridge.
I reached the other side and some steps down to the underground, as I descended the stairs I saw that it was flooded.
As I reached knee height in water, I saw that the water was blood red and full of dead bodies.
I ran back up the the bridge and saw a police officer who told me, "You saw nothing".

Finally I had gone to work but was in the seaside town of Skegness along with Ryan E and we were both wondering why we were so far away from home.
My main concern was that we were working a night shift and that I'd be too tired to drive home the following morning.
As we started work I realised we were actually in Dagenham in Essex which is just as far away from home.

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