Saturday, 9 February 2013

Magic cash dispenser

A first appearance in one of my dreams for friend and work colleague Suki last night.
We were both standing next to a cash dispenser and I was trying to show Suki how to extract money from it without using his card.
I held up my hand in the direction of the ATM and a bolt of blue lightening shot from my finger tips hitting the machine.
As a result, wads of cash popped out and I pocketed it. Vastly impressed at this Suki tried the same but couldn't get the blue flash from his hand.
I did it for him but before the cash came out he put his debt card in and entered his PIN number.
He walked away laughing, "Free cash".

I was next in the toilet of a hotel and I went to use the urinal only to find a guy sitting in one taking a dump! I left and went into the lobby where the hotel doorman was telling someone they couldn't come in. When I looked it was the same guy that I'd seen in the toilet.

I tried to ignore what was going on until the doorman shouted, "Stop thief!"
Running out to help I saw that the urinal man had stolen the doorman's hat. I grabbed hold of the guys wrist and expertly put him into an arm lock.

As I held him waiting for the police, one of his friends approached me and put his face right next to mine.
He said, "Do you know who he is? You better let go now".
Contemplating his statement for a second I pulled back my head and head butted him as hard as I could, knocking him to the floor.

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