Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Lofty experience

Not sure what relevance lofts have in my life but I have dreamt of them often. Or attics, dependant on your geographical location in the World.
My wife asked me to pop up into the loft and find her paints and any other pictures to replace the framed pictures on the bedroom wall.

I climbed the ladder to the loft and observed as she approached one of the pictures.
In her hand was a claw hammer and I watched as she smashed the glass and frame of the picture.
I couldn't believe she had done that as glass was everywhere and all I could think of was how to get it cleared up.

I rummaged in the loft unable to find anything other than empty boxes.
When I descended the ladder I found myself at the front door to my mums house. I moved outside to find a blanket of snow over the garden.
A fat boy with dark permed hair walked past in the street and threw a snowball at me.
I walked over to the garden perimeter armed with a handful of snow and smashed it into his face knocking him to the floor.
Bit harsh but I think he learnt his lesson.

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