Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Jimbo's sugar rush

A couple of appearances from people from work in last night’s slumber. Starting off I was in the rear garden of a house with an old lady who despite having the house, lived in a caravan in the garden without any heat or lighting.
The woman was showing me around all of the out building & her impressive set up for home wine making.  There was every piece of equipment that you could ever need & as I watched her bottle & cork some wine, the old lady turned into my work colleague James B.  He proudly handed me a crystal clear bottle of wine. I turned & gave it to my wife who had appeared by my side without me noticing.  She smiled at me.

I was next on a Royal Navy battle ship that was running a mock air attack, it was extremely realistic & I was one of the casualties that had a broken arm.  I was taken to the medical room & was met by two male nurses, one of which was very camp & he skipped & danced into the room. The camp nurse asked me which cast I wanted on my arm, the choices being army camouflage or pink.  Concerned that my arm was going into plaster when it wasn’t broken I ran out of the room.

Lastly I was sat at a small table which was placed under a set of stairs; on the stairs were my wife & one of our supervisors called Jimbo.
I was with another person on the table who I initially thought was James B again but when I looked at him it was another Jimbo.  I could then hear stair Jimbo saying to my wife, “Have you seen Jimbo?” My wife pointed at us on the table & both Jimbo’s looked at each other & laughed.

I picked up a little tube like sachet of sugar & held it next to table Jimbo’s open chuckling mouth; squeezing one end, the result was that it popped open exploding sugar into Jimbo’s mouth.
Such was the force of the sugar that it blew a hole straight out of the back of his head, both Jimbo’s continued to laugh at this thinking it was the funniest thing they had ever seen.

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