Friday, 8 February 2013

Inflatable testicles

I was more of an observer than a participant in all of last nights oddities.
Starting off I was in the home of a divorcing couple and the woman was shouting at her estranged husband to get out.
There were no lights on in the house and so the man was franticly grabbing items and was eventually standing in the street shouting and crying.
Amongst the items he had salvaged was the fridge and he yelled at the top of his voice that he needed a taxi. It started to rain.
The wife entered the darkened living room and saw a blood covered female laying on the sofa. Screaming the woman opened her eyes.

Next a mad old lady dressed all in black was shouting aggressively at everyone around a hotel complex.
No idea what her problem was but she was frightening small children and adults alike. Approaching the pool there was a man in a Borat style green Mankini. Running and shouting at the man the old lady shocked him into falling backwards into the swimming pool.
As he hit the water his testicles inflated like giant air bags the size of beach balls enabling him to float.

It was at this point that I interjected and told the old lady to calm down and stop being so aggressive. Another man close by was agreeing but he then started to make a bizarre noise like a gentle gurgle.
I started to laugh at him and as I did so I awoke to the same sound of my wife emitting a little lady snore.

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