Sunday, 17 February 2013

Ghost dog

Proof that sounds can penetrate the mind and influence your dream with an experiment conducted by my wife.
When I say experiment, prank would better explain it as she thought it entertaining to play some ghostly sounds on her phone when I fell asleep.

I was creeping around the side of a VW camper van where an unsuspecting man was hiding. In my hand was a pistol and I was going to kill him.
As I reached the back of the van I could hear a dog howling and the man looked in my direction startled by the sound.
I pointed my pistol and fired a shot.
Not sure what happened next as I temporarily woke to find my wife giggling whilst playing ghostly sounds. My brain had interpreted them as a dog howling.

Back to sleep and I was walking across a bridge suspended over a water treatment plant. It was dark and the water was very smelly.
As I stepped off the bridge onto the street I saw an old lady with a small child. The woman had let go of the child and stumbled backwards falling into the road.
I went over to her and started to perform basic first aid as the child sat and happily played on the pavement.

Lastly I was renovating an old building that had no windows in it and was damp and very untidy.
I cycled away from it, returning a few minutes later to see that smoke was coming out of the roof. I could see my older sister running from the building towards me.
Just as she did this a huge flood of water erupted from behind the building and started chasing her as she ran towards me.

I started to run down a small hill towards her but the water was so fast that it engulfed the street. I ran back to the road and grabbed my bike. As I looked behind me my sister had escaped and was now riding a bike too.

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