Monday, 18 February 2013

Flying Doctor

Last night all began with me on my way to work for some training. I was on a section of the A47 somewhere between Leicester and Peterborough.
On the opposite carriageway I saw a huge procession of vehicles and stopped to watch. Hundreds of police, army and helicopters rushed passed all protecting a blacked out limo that contained the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
They passed and I carried on into work to find I'd missed the training!

I next found myself asleep in my childhood bedroom. Waking I could hear a noise from near to the window. As I approached I saw a gap between the floor and wall just under the window.
I put my hand in and pulled out 3 very sleepy looking baby hedgehogs. They just stared at me until I put them back.

I was then outside a front door of a flat in a communal entrance. On the floor were a set of plastic washing up bowls that I set within each other in size order.
I then decided to take them and put them into the back of a white van.
Leaving the car park for the flats a barrier opened and a BMW car drove out without anyone in it. I followed in the van and watched it crash into a bus.

Lastly I was on the rooftop of a shop in a high street somewhere with lots of people and a small boy was close to the edge. It was wet and slippery and so I warned him to stay away.
Then Jess from work appeared and waved her arms causing a mini tornado sweeping up everyone on the roof and flying us all through the air.
We landed on the roof of a house on an island causing all the tiles to fall off.

Jess then explained that we had to stay there until the morning but the house was not quite finished.
There were windows missing, no electrics and no toilets! I walked into a bathroom and Jess followed in and said to me, "Can you give me a diagnosis for this?"
With that she pulled up her top to reveal a rash on her stomach.
When I started talking I had a woman's voice and had turned into a female Doctor.
I explained I knew what it was but couldn't remember the name of it.

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