Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Falling for you

As I drifted off to sleep last night, which invariably takes about 10 seconds from my head making contact with the pillow, I was comfortably sat in a chair.
My mind started to visualise something but I couldn't make it out. Just as I began to focus, my wife whipped my chair out from under me and I yelled as I started to fall backwards.

What had actually happened was my wife was cuddled into me from behind and had turned over removing her hold of me.

Back into my dreaming and I was in a huge lorry trailer that had been converted into living accommodation. I was sleeping and had woken to find my wife sat at the steering wheel in the cab of the lorry.
She was very tired and could hardly keep her eyes open. I told her to sleep and I'd take over.
Instead of driving, once she was asleep I got out of the lorry and entered another trailer parked next to ours.
Once inside I wandered in and out of bedrooms filling my pockets with biscuits.

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