Friday, 1 February 2013

Emergency pepper

I entered the A&E department of my local hospital last night. As I walked in I could see there had been a fight between staff.
Nurses and doctors were sporting black swollen eyes and blooded noses.
The atmosphere was hostile and staff were shouting and aggressively pushing each other. It was about to flare up again.

I pulled out of my pocket a can of pepper spray and slowly and methodically in turn, sprayed everyone in sight.
Although the pepper spray had absolutely no effect on the staff, it did stop them all fighting and they began to focus their aggression on me!

I don't know what happened to me as I was awoken from the dream to the song, 'Return of the Mack' the 1996 number one hit by Mark Morrison.

I did go back to sleep and was dreaming that my cat Merlin had misplaced one of his back legs. He had a look of complete annoyance on his face. I could still here Mark singing whilst I slept!

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