Sunday, 24 February 2013

Domestic attitude

Seated around a long table, there must have been around 100 others and I appeared to know everyone but couldn't actually recognise them.
We were all eating Chinese takeaway and it was a very loud and happy party.

After having my fill I left the table and walked into a kitchen were I found a group of women washing up all the plates from the meal.
I only recognised one as my wife's friend Lorna. I started to help out with washing the dishes but Lorna grabbed hold of my arms and pulled we away from the sink shouting, "No, that's women's work!"

I was next appearing in a TV advert but I'm not sure what it was for or even why I was there. Amongst the group of men I was with, was a very arrogant and outspoken skinny man who was annoying everyone.
The director shouted out, "Cut!" And the skinny man screamed out in anger, "I'm an advanced solicitor for gods sake!"

Lastly I was at my mums house in my bedroom but it was my mums room with my things in it. The room was a complete mess and I was having a panic attack at the untidy state of it.
My mum popped her head around the door as I was franticly hoovering and asked if she could borrow the photos of me when I took a trip to France as a child.
Despite the mess I was able to locate the photos from under the bed which were organised into alphabetical order in a shoe box.

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