Thursday, 14 February 2013

Corner shop sorrow

In my childhood bedroom at my mums house I found my grandad in my bed. He was frail looking as I remembered him when I was a teenager.
Going downstairs into the kitchen I found my wife cooking a huge fried breakfast.
Looking at the sink, it was piled high with dirty dishes and cups.

My wife handed me a plate containing a full English breakfast and I took it upstairs for my grandad.
I happily went into the room to see him Opening the door the smile dropped from my face as I was greeted with an empty bed.

I was then watching my work colleagues Claire and her partner Danny as they walked towards a closed down corner shop on a small housing estate.
They were intending to buy it and retire from work.
Inside the shop was one of our supervisors Jerry who was sadly packing up the shop contents.

Jerry had retired and sold up and he was tearfully reminiscing on past times.
Claire wasn't interested in what he was saying and tried to rush him out so she could take over.
Like the end of a sad movie, we watched as Jerry walked off into the sunset with his head hung low.

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