Monday, 11 February 2013

Child snatcher

Last night I was on some kind of chat service on the internet when I was sent a video message by a woman in police uniform. She accidentally showed her badge number and I reported her to the police for abusing her position.

I was asked to attend the police station and met with the Chief Inspector and was confused when I saw my work colleague Dani sitting in the room too.
The chief inspector explained that Dani was pretending to be a police woman on line and he was in a lot of trouble.
Dani glared at me and called me a grass.

I was next being transported by boat from an island back to England by a fat man and his equally fat wife, oddly I also had three children.
Stopping off at a small island on the way I relax while the overweight couple take my children for a walk. I watch as they all get on the boat and leave me stuck alone on the island.

For some reason I am only wearing a dressing gown and start to swim after the boat. I am swimming for a week when I notice I am in shallow water in the streets where I work. I stand up and see my friend Harry who is conveniently dressed as a policeman.
Explaining to him about what has happened he seems uninterested and asks me if I can fix his bedroom door as it has fallen off!

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