Saturday, 23 February 2013

Bus time travel

To begin I was in a car, I was driving, my wife was front seat passenger and my mum was in the back.
I attempted to negotiate a roundabout but it was very icy and the wheels were spinning. My wife encouraged me to drive as fast as I could which resulted in us skidding off the road, but rather conveniently into a car park.

Exiting the car we noticed my mum had vanished but we chose to ignore this. As we left the car park a young well dressed woman seemed to think we were working there as attendants and handed over £10 to pay for her parking.
We looked at each other and smiled thinking it was easy money but my wife handed the cash back to her and we walked off, leaving the woman confused.

I was next alone walking in a lovely village and I noticed another young female wandering along the road. She asked me if I knew the area as she was lost. I took her to the local shop and left her there with the shop owner.

Finally I was a black Jamaican man in London. I was a bus driver and I arrived at the depot to start work. As I stepped into the depot I was transported back in time.
I walked up to an old Red bus and there was a conductor waiting for me, all the passengers on the bus were asleep.

I was greeted by the conductor who sat in the cab with me as I started driving. He looked at me and asked why I was wearing my seatbelt as it wasn't required by law.
I asked as to what year it was and was informed it was 1973.

Oddly it was 1973 when a clause in the Conservative administration’s Road Traffic Bill concerning seat belts was introduced at Report stage in the Lords. The Bill was dropped on the dissolution of Parliament in 1974.

It wasn't until 1983 that it became law in the UK to wear a seatbelt in the front seats and not until 1991 was it compulsory to wear them as rear passengers.

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