Tuesday, 19 February 2013

All star Pensioner

During the 1960's it was a popular past time for Mods and Rockers to have a bit of a dust up on the beaches of seaside towns.
In a twist to that my dream started with some 1950's Teddy boys fighting with aliens on a sandy coast. The aliens had long robes on and an abnormally large head with massive eyes. To be fair they were getting a bit of a pasting.

I was an onlooker to this odd seaside occurrence along with my mum. We stood there watching without making comment. I didn't speak until I noticed that my mum was wearing a white pair of classic Converse all star trainers.

Next I was in my aunt Janet's house but she wasn't there. I had sold raffle tickets for a cash prize and Chris Boother from work had won but I couldn't find him.
I entered the living room and found that I was in a prison.
Sitting on the sofa was my wife, my dad and Chris. I told Chris that he had won £10 pounds and he looked disappointed.
The door opened and in walked my wife's friend Judy. Judy's hair was huge, it stood about 5 foot high but no one even noticed it!

Lastly I had arrived for work as a bus driver in London. I was going to drive one of the traditional old London red buses but it was sat at a depot as it wouldn't start.
While it was being repaired I waited at the bus stop along with other passengers and joined in their moans about the bus being late not telling them who I was.

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